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  • Don’t forget to start bringing packages of unopened diapers next week for our competition against Sabine.
  • Reminder about dress code. Hair length needs to be corrected.  You have until Monday to get it cut to code, then Mr. Camp will call you in personally.  If we can see facial hair with your mask on, you will be asked to shave.  Shorts need to be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Class Officer sign ups – There will be a sheet for you to sign up for class officer in your English class.  Seniors who are in college English and want to run for an office need to stop by Mrs. Taylor’s room by Monday to sign up.
  • If you forgot to turn in your PINK OUT order form in yesterday, bring it to Mrs. Taylor after announcements are over.
  • Next week is Rival week.  Dress up days are as follows:     Monday City vs Country    Tuesday Disney vs Marvel     Wednesday Safari vs Hawaiian    Thursday Nursery vs Nursing home (young vs old)  Friday is Pink Out
  • Congratulations to the following students for their great results in news writing at yesterday’s in-house journalism meet:   1-Kylie Dugger   2-Ryan Banks   3-Karlyn Jones   4-Aubrey Saccoccio   5-Kynlee Bright  6-Keller Lott
  • A note for members of the fall play…there will be NO rehearsal today. So….no practice this afternoon. However, we WILL have rehearsal tomorrow afternoon from 4:15-6:15. Be sure and make a note.