The White Oak Tradition is wide-ranging and touches just about all aspects of life at the school and in the community. Although the athletic program is the showcase for White Oak, the tradition is evident through the quality of achievements in areas like the popular REGIMENT OF ROUGHNECKS marching band, the UIL Literary Teams and our school consistently reporting respected scores on the state mandated tests. Scores of graduates are successful in just about all professions, and WOHS is known throughout the state of Texas for providing students with the opportunity to earn a quality education.

Located 6 miles west of Longview, Texas, White Oak is nestled in the piney woods of East Texas. With a history based on a rich oil town, White Oak has a wonderful school facility that the students, faculty and residents are proud of. White Oak is a Recognized Campus from the Texas Education Agency rating system. With a current enrollment of approximately 400 students, the school is classified as a 2-A school for athletic and literary competitions.

Tradition, loyalty and pride are only a few words synonymous with being a White Oak Roughneck. White Oak celebrates homecoming every 3 years. This allows the celebration to be a true Homecoming for exes and they come out in droves to renew old friendships and have a chance to see old coaches and teachers. The difference between White Oak and most schools is a combination of practices and beliefs handed down from class to class.

Traditions and History of our Mascots

The name of WHITE OAK was derived from the presence of two large oak trees standing in front of the first school building.  The two words, White Oak , have been defined as purity and strength.  The traditional colors are maroon and white.  White represents purity; maroon represents valor.

As WHITE OAK grew and came of age, various customs and traditions came with it.  The foremost of these is the time-honored tradition of being a winner.  Never rating second best in any endeavor applies to athletics,  band, UIL activities, and all other activities in which WHITE OAK is represented.

Another never-to-be forgotten tradition is school spirit.  Backing by the student body can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat.  So make it a point to support the school and its representative’s contests.

Although we use the term “JOE ROUGHNECK” when speaking of our mascot, the true name is simply “ROUGHNECK”.  Our athletic teams are known as “ROUGHNECKS” OR “LADYNECKS”; the yearbook is the “ROUGHNECK”; the school paper is the “GAUGER”.  These titles symbolize the strength and prestige of White Oak’s Founders in the oil fields of East Texas.

Our school was founded on these traditions, which continue to be the sources of our pride in any endeavor, which we, the students undertake.

Alma Mater

Firmly founded, Alma Mater.
Mother true is she;
Here beneath the towering oil wells,
Pledge we loyalty.
Sing her praises, speed them onward,
To the world proclaim,
That we’ll always shield and cherish

Fight Song

Oh well, come on you Roughnecks and let’s
Fight, Fight, Fight.
It’s on to victory as we win tonight
You know our goals are high and the
price is right.
So on to victory tonight