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This section is intended to help our students be aware of rules, policies, procedures and other helpful information.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our principals or front office for help:

Mrs. Donna Jennings, Principal                                 (903) 291-2001

Mr. Marcus Camp, Asst. Principal                              (903) 291-2001

Mrs. , Counselor                                 (903) 291-2004

Mrs. Debby Deck, Counselor                                     (903) 291-2030

Mrs. Amanda Frazier, Secretary                                (903) 291-2001  

Mrs. Tricia Barrett, Registrar/PEIMS                         (903) 291-2022

Mrs. Courtney Craig, Attendance                              (903) 291-2038

Student Handbook


Extracurricular students/student drivers and their parents or guardians will have available upon request a copy of the “WHITE OAK ISD” Drug Use Testing Policy and Procedures and a copy of the “WHITE OAK ISD Drug Use Testing Consent Form” that shall be signed and dated by students and their parents or guardians before the student shall be eligible to practice or participate in any extracurricular program, including off-season training. Students who wish to drive on campus shall return the signed “WHITE OAK ISD Drug Use consent Form” before the designated date for the school year.  The sponsor or coach of each extracurricular activity shall require the attendance of all prospective participants at one or more drug education sessions during which a presentation will be made to educate the students about the harmful effects and consequences of alcohol and other drug use. Students shall receive information as to where they can seek professional help, if needed, for use or abuse problem. The general student body of each secondary campus shall be educated annually about the harmful effects and consequences of alcohol and other drug use.

Staph Infection Update

With the recent overage of staph outbreaks in this area, White Oak ISD would like to share the following information with parents taken from the Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines to prevent the spread of staph infections.  We are aware of this issue and are taking necessary precautions.

“STAPH” or Staphylococcus aureus, is a bacteria that can cause skin infections.  These are often mistaken for spider bites.  The bacteria is spread through person to person contact or contact with contaminated surfaces.  Symptoms include fever, drainage, bleeding, or redness at the site.  Some staph bacteria become resistant to methicillin and are called MRSA.


Here are some guidelines from DSHS to avoid infection:

-Practice good hygiene, especially regular hand washing.
-Do not share personal items such as towels or razors.
-Thoroughly clean shared items using a 1:1000 bleach-water solution.
-Cover open wounds or cuts with a clean, dry bandage.
-Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.

A complete set of guidelines is available at or direct further questions to the School Nurse Mrs. Susan Willis (903) 291-2059 or our Superintendent Mr. Mike Gilbert (903) 291-2201.